Teeth Whitening

Whitening: Take Home vs In Office Colgate. Which one is right for you?

Take Home:

This do it yourself process includes instructions, trays and start up solution.  You come to us for impressions, and we make custom trays that fit perfectly over your teeth.  When you come back we fit the trays, and tell you how to use the whitening solution.  We also do a follow up visit so that we can monitor the level of whitening that you have achieved.  Typically, this type of whitening requires that you wear the trays a 1/2 hour daily for up to two weeks.  The trays will also work later, when you want to touch up your whitening for a few days.

In Office:

We no longer offer in office “immediate” whitening.  After many years of using these products, both with and without light activation, we found the benefits did not outweigh the negatives.  In office whitening was more expensive, required long appointments in the chair, and caused extreme cold sensitivity in many patients.  We also saw much better and more stable long term benefits from the take home tray whitening.