Your First Visit

Your first visit to our office is an important one.  It is the place we start to develop a relationship with you as a patient.  It is also where we can establish a starting point for your dental care.  We spend a lot of time gathering information about you, your general health and you oral health.   We will also spend time discussing your insurance plan with you if you have one.

We think it is very important to find out as much about you, your health, and even your goals for your mouth when we first meet you.  This information helps us to work with you as we establish the best path of care for you.  Every patient is different, and so the way we treat each patient is individualized to your needs.

We will take any needed x-rays, take photos of your mouth, record your previous dental work, do an oral cancer screening, and check your gingival health.  We may even take some models of your teeth so we can use them to plan you dental care.

When we are done with that first visit, Dr. Van Timmeren will take time to explain what we see, and work with you to come up with a plan for your future dental care.  He takes as much time as needed to explain, and to help you understand what we think is the best treatment for you.  We are always open to more questions along the way.