Dr. Scott Van Timmeren

Dr. Scott Van TimmerenDr. Scott Van Timmeren joined our team in 2010. His wife Jennifer is also a dentist. They have three young daughters, and are enjoying all the fun things that come with being parents to young kids.  When he is not changing diapers, he enjoys running, playing sports, and being on the water. He also enjoys coaching hockey during the winter. Dr. Van Timmeren is a graduate of Hope College ’03, and The University of Michigan Dental School ’07.

Dr. Van Timmeren is a big believer that continuing education plays a vital role in his ability to provide patients with the best care.  He continues to go above and beyond the state required C.E. numbers, and is an active participant in a Pankey Institute Study Club (www.pankey.org).

He is a member of W.M.D.D.S., the M.D.A., the A.G.D., and the A.D.A., and is on the West Michigan Points of Light Task Force.  Dr. Van Timmeren’s passion in dentistry is in the helping relationship he has with his patients.  He enjoys the dentistry,  but has just as much fun spending time talking with his patients about their oral health or what is going on in their lives.

Jennifer and Scott are also Co-Directors of Baxter Community Center’s Dental Clinic.  The clinic functions to treat the many people from that community that need emergency and preventative dental care.  They work with many other volunteer dentists to make sure that those people can be seen at little to no cost to address their dental problems, and teach them prevention of future issues.