We Moved

For 35 + years, this dental practice has operated out of the same building. As I am sure most of you have noticed, the building just isn’t what it once was. The upkeep of the building has fallen off. The elevator has gotten scary. The building is not very secure. Staff and patients have had run ins with interesting characters in the common bathrooms. Most of the other businesses have either left, closed, or are in the process of moving. It is time for us to do the same.

Don’t worry! We didn’t go far.  In fact we can walk to the new space in under a minute.  The new office is next to LMCU in the old KinderCare facility on the South side of 44th St.

We are really excited about this, and we hope you are too. The new space will is more accessible, more comfortable, and better for all of us. We know you will find it a great change for you and your family. We have always worked hard to stay on top of the changing technology in dentistry for our patients benefit, and now our office space can finally reflect that again.

You can also rest assured that this move will not affect who we are as an office or staff. Our goal of providing exceptional care for the whole family, at reasonable prices, will stay the same. If anything, this will help us do an even better job of meeting your oral health, and personal needs. We are moving because we need to, not because we plan to change who we are.

Please come see us.  Take a tour, have some coffee or water and look around, and tell your friends!